Reverend Father Andrwos Habash

Past Parochial Vicar of Jesus Sacred Heart Church

2010 - 2015

Reverend Andrwos was born in the village of Qara Qosh, Iraq on January 10, 1977 and was given the name Amiar. He is the son of Behnam Betrus Mansoor Habash and of Sabiha Mousa Habash.
He ended his primary and intermediate studies in his home town. In 1998, he graduated from the Industrial Secondary School, Electric department and entered the Shamoun Safa Institute in Baghdad the same year to begin his Philosophical, Theological and Human Sciences at Babel Pontifical College.
He received his Baccelaurate in Sacred Theology in 2005 and was ordained on June 5, 2005 by the imposition of the hands of His Excellency Mar Basilius Georges Al Qasmoussa in Qara Qosh.
He served his home village for five years. He was entrusted with priest’s affairs and taking care of the Youth Activities besides the different fraternities, i.e.; The Caritas, a charitable organization devoted to the poor.
Also, he was the spiritual guide and administrator of the students transportation to and from Qara Qosh to the city of Mosul. He took it upon himself to give of his time to help the Emergency Relief Efforts of all Christians refugee from the neighboring city of Mosul due to the escalating persecution of the Chrisitans in Iraq.
In 2010, he was elected by the priests of his home village to become the Dean of Priests, taking the responsibilities and the services dealing with the priests and the parishioners of Qara Qosh. Later the same year, by request of His Excellency Mar Barnaba Yousif Habash, Reverend Father Andrwos joined the Our lady of Deliverance Diocese on February 11, 2011 to serve the parish of Jesus Sacred Heart, North Hollywood California as their Parochial Vicar.
Reverend Father Habash is a published writer. He wrote several articles for religious and social magazines. Also, he has published two books; the first is entitle “The Journey of Lent and the Easter Communion”, the second is entitled “Genesis”.

Reverend Father Aphram Mushe

Parochial Vicar of Jesus Sacred Heart Church


Reverend Aphram Mushe speaks Aramaic, Arabic and English.  He achieved a bachelor of Sacred Theology from Babylon Collage for Philosophy and Theology in Baghdad, Iraq on June, 6 2008.
After completing his studies he started as an assistant priest in St. George Church and soon became the director of the cultural center in the church, the guide of the religion education in the parish, the scouts administrator for the young and adults divisions. He was also the guide of St George love and joy brotherhood.
On January 16 of 2011 he was appointed Secretary for Archbishop Yohanna Butrous Mouche in Syriac Catholic Diocese of Mosul in Nineveh, Iraq
On August 1st 2011 he took on Pastoral assignments along with doing occasional rites, special events and ceremonies in St. James Church in Nineveh, Iraq.
On April 1st of 2012 he became the administrator of the Priest house in Qaraqush, Nineveh, Iraq.
On September 10 of 2013 he became of the Parish’s priests appointed with Pastoral duties along with occasional rites, special events and ceremonies in Our lady of Deliverance Parish in  Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. 

Father’s Aphram professional achievements:

  • Founder of Love Messengers Choir in Qaraqush, Nineveh, Iraq in 2011
  • Founder of Our Lady of Deliverance Women Center in Qaraqush, Nineveh, Iraq in 2011
  • Founder of College Youth Center in Qaraqush, Nineveh, Iraq in 2011
  • Guide of the Voice of Peace Broadcast – Baghdida in Qaraqush, Nineveh, Iraq in 2011